4 Benefits of Whatsapp Chatbot Technology in Kenya

Have you interacted with a WhatsApp chatbot recently?

What did you love about it?

Well, businesses in Kenya can leverage the power of WhatsApp chatbots so that frequently asked questions by their users can be answered in real-time without a user having to wait for so long before an agent comes on board to answer them.

Think of it this way, you have a WhatsApp business account where users can message you about your fashion business. Let’s say that you have an agent who works from 9 to 5 pm Monday through Friday. If a customer messages them during evening hours or on weekends, your agent might not be there to answer the questions.

Or let’s say that the customer messages your business during lunch hour when there is no one to answer them for several minutes.

Where does this leave you?

In the dark!

Losing business, right?

Because the customer might feel unsatisfied and go ahead to ask for the same dress from your competitor.  You do not want this, do you?

Well, here comes a chance to use a WhatsApp chatbot.

With a well-trained chatbot, you are assured that your customer will not feel ignored and might end up actually buying the dress, thanks to the robot.

Not convinced yet that you need a messaging bot?

Let’s explore other reasons that might compel you to try one out.

  • Payments can be made seamlessly

Developers have found a way to have you bill your customers in real-time using Mpesa STK push such that if a customer requests a product or service that is billable, the chatbot is triggered to create a payment instance that the customer needs to pay. 

The chatbot will be linked to your CRM application such that a receipt will be generated immediately plus an update to your database that a customer XYZ has made a payment.

  • No need to hire agents

Let’s be honest, hiring human resources is quite expensive. 

Especially when you have to hire people to complete mundane tasks such as answering frequently asked questions.

Chatbots are able to answer them without the need for you to hire people to type the answers. Good thing is that your chatbot is able to do this 24/7 and will not at any one time complain that they are tired, sick, or need an annual leave.

A chatbot will also offer uniform messaging such that your customers get the same treatment anytime they come back.

The only thing you need to do is make it as intelligent as possible. 

Remember the movie how to train your dragon?

Good, it applies here.

Also, make sure that the chatbot is hosted on a good server with little to no downtime so that it is always available for your customer.

  • Ability to train your bot to answer most asked questions

Let’s say that customers of your business always have a pattern they follow whenever they want to reach out to someone.

In our example of a fashion shop, let’s say that they greet you. Ask whether there is a certain type of dress, then go ahead to ask whether a certain size is available.

After this, they ask for the price and end up paying.

Well, in this case, you could use a bot to complete this business transaction.

  • Get leads easily

Organizations that have used chatbots are able to generate more leads and close down on most. This is because they are able to track down users who followed certain AI prompts that show that they are potential leads who if followed up would end up converting.

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