Multi-Agent Unified Inbox

We provide a unified inbox for WhatsApp, SMS, email conversations supporting multiple agents at the same time. This can be an extension of WhatsApp Chatbot or independent.

Product Use Cases What are the possibilities of the Multi-Agent Unified Inbox?

  • Support multiple agents

    Handle more conversations by onboarding multiple agents to handle more chats concurrently. The platform distributes chats automatically amongst the agents that are online.

  • Escalation of chats

    An agent can escalate a conversation to another agent who might be a specialist on the issue raised by the customer. Agents can also reassign when their shifts ends or need to take a break. This way conversations are closed faster and effectively.

  • Collect leads

    With every chat the business collects the customer’s name and mobile number. This is a lead generation opportunity for businesses.

  • Close more sales

    A sale can be determined by how quickly you respond to chats by customers and prospects. By onboarding more agents, it means you close faster and more sales.

  • Works on the go

    Support your customers and grow your business on the go, on any device – mobile, and PC – as long as users are connected to the internet.

  • Generate valuable insights

    Get insights on the volume and topic of conversations around your business on WhatsApp. AXIS provides further insights on the response rate and response time per agent allowing managers and supervisors to monitor effectiveness.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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