Drive conversations and collect payments easily lines min
$ - --
  • Bulk SMS
  • Email marketing
  • WhatsApp Helpdesk
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Email support


Select preferred channel to meet your needs lines min
$ - --
/custom pricing
  • WhatsApp Automation & Helpdesk
  • Messenger API integrations
  • Outbound Voice AI (IVR) products
  • Marketing Automation including SMS, Email & Voice
  • Mobile Money Payments
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Live chat and email support

Utilization Cost

Channel 1-20,000 20,001 - 100,000 100,001 - 500,000 500,001+
SMS Ksh 0.8 Ksh 0.7 Ksh 0.6 Ksh 0.55
WhatsApp Helpdesk/Automation Ksh 0.6 Ksh 0.5 Ksh 0.4 Ksh 0.3
Voice Ksh 6 Ksh 5 Ksh 5 Ksh 4
Messenger Ksh 0.2 Ksh 0.2 Ksh 0.1 Ksh 0.1
Email Ksh 0.2 Ksh 0.2 Ksh 0.1 Ksh 0.1


How can I access the platform?

The platform is available and accessible online at

Is there subscription fee?

No. We don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. You only pay for the service utilized

How many channels are supported by AXIS?

At the moment (August 2020), we have WhatsApp, SMS and Email integrated into the system. Messenger is also available on request. We are integrating Voice and Payments in the subsequent releases

What do I require to integrate with the WhatsApp API?

You require a verified Facebook Business Manager ( and a phone number to be used for WhatsApp (a new number is preferred as previous conversations will be automatically deleted after integration)

How long does it take to get WhatsApp API authorization?

This process can take between 2-14 days. If the use case falls under accepteable categories, and the Facebook Business Manager is already verified, the process is shorter. Acceptable categories include banking, insurance, retail, tech while non-acceptable categories are gambling, government institutions, and media publishing.

Does the WhatsApp Business API still have end-to-end encryption?

Yes, end-to-end encryption of the message happens between the WhatsApp Business API Client and the end user. In addition, if you are using HTTPS when making calls to the WhatsApp Business API Client, that data is SSL-encrypted (from your backend client to the WhatsApp Business API Client).

What’s the WhatsApp pricing?

We price starts from $0.002/Ksh 25/UGX 8 and it’s based on volume of sessional message exchanged between the brand and user

What do you mean by Sessional Messaging?

Sessional messages are initiated by a user to the brand’s WhatsApp account. Subsequent interactions are called sessional messages.

What is a template message and what’s the price?

Template messages are sent from a brand to a user. For a user to receive such they must have opted in to your website, app and so forth. All template messages must be pre-approved by WhatsApp and are priced per country. In Kenya, the price is Ksh. 7 per outbound template message.

Can the WhatsApp API be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, we can provide API end-points for integration to your systems. Please contact us on for more information.

How many messages per second can I send?

The maximum tested outbound message rate is 20 messages per second.

What message types can be sent?

You can send both text and media through the WhatsApp API

Can I send to multiple operators (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom)?

Yes, you can send to any operator within Kenya.

What’s the pricing of Bulk SMS?

SMS pricing starts from Ksh 0.55 per message depending on volume. For other countries, please contact us on

Do you offer API integrations for Bulk SMS?

Yes, we can provide API end-points for integration to your systems. Please contact us on for more information.

How is email priced?

We offer 1,000 email credits when you sign up. Afterwards, you can send out an email for as little as $0.002 or Ksh 0.20 per successful delivery.

What is the email senderID?

It’s the verified email address used to send out email messages to your customer? You can verify an email from the accounts setting.

Do you handle unsubscriptions?

Yes, the system handles unsubscriptions. All emails sent out allow the users to unsubscribe

Do you have spam control?

Yes, we have enabled spam filtering in our emails.

Should I use my primary corporate domain name to send email?

You should for customer trust. Remember that your reputation is tied to your domain name as well as the IP address. If you are in danger of being classified as a ‘bad’ sender of email, you will be affecting your domain reputation, which is very hard to recover from.

What’s Messenger commonly used for?

Common uses of the API include various promotional and non-promotional use cases where the User explicitly requested a follow-up.

What’s the difference between standard message and message tag?

Standard messages are initiated by a user to the bot, while message tags are preapproved messages that a bot can send to a user even outside the 24-hour standard messages window.

What’s the 24-hour standard messaging window?

Users can only send/exchange messages within the 24-hour window of a user sending a message to the bot. The message will fail to be sent outside this window. If a message tag is used the message can be sent outside the 24 hour period as long as is one of the supported use cases and the app is in good standing.

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