WhatsApp Bulk Sender

This doesn’t require the official WhatsApp API, and it’s further not supported by WhatsApp. Misuse of the tool can lead to a number being banned from WhatsApp.

Product Use Cases What are the possibilities of the WhatsApp Bulk Sender?

  • Lead generation

    Target desired customers at different demographics & collect imformation

  • One message to many

    Send messages at scale efficiently and effectively

  • Visual attachment

    The purpose of visual content is to convey information and support the viewer in understanding it.

  • Content variety

    Helps you to send bulk messages with attached images, documents, PDF & more.

  • Audience engagement

    Allows you to send announcements, promotions, news, and updates to your audience.

  • Personalized greetings

    Enables one to create custom messages with greetings like the receiver’s name.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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