WhatsApp Chatbot

Engage your customers and potential prospects at scale on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Chatbot. It’s built using the official WhatsApp Business API.

Product Use Cases What are the possibilities of the WhatsApp Chatbot?

  • Automate responses

    Automate interactions with your customers on the platform they most frequently use thereby driving up your engagement rate and ensuring your brand is omnipresent.

  • Generate leads

    Every user that engages with your WhatsApp Chatbot leaves their mobile number. A business can use WhatsApp Chatbot to generate interest and quality leads.

  • Enable payments (WhatsApp mPay)

    Integrate with payment APIs and AI to support payments within the WhatsApp ecosystem in less than 3 steps. This works especially well with mobile money payments using STK push notifications.

  • Personalized alerts

    WhatsApp Business API isn’t built for mass marketing but it can support sending automated alerts on delivery time, flight rescheduling, order confirmations and the like.
    The alerts are preapproved
    by WhatsApp

  • Bot to human handover

    Whenever the bot is unable to handle
    the chat request, our automation system redirects the query to the WhatsApp Multi-Agent inbox. This allows your business to take customer engagement to the next level and help to retain customers.

  • Managing Payment Related Queries

    With WhatsApp chatbot on AXIS, you can ensure the handling of high-level payment queries smoothly by directing customers to respective customer service agents once you have automated the basic-level, repetitive queries.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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