6 Types of Businesses That Would Benefit From The AXIS Bulk SMS Platform

Conversational marketing is the way to go.

People want you to engage them. To keep them informed in a direct, short and sweet way.

And that is why SMS marketing has become the vogue.

So who is best suited for the AXIS bulk sms marketing solution.

1. Retailers and supermarkets

Towards the Christmas holiday, I saw some notable supermarkets text their consumers about the different Christmas offers.

The results were great. The said supermarket sold out by noon on the said products.

After you capture personal data from your consumers say after they pay through mobile money at the cashier, you can always import those contacts to the AXIS SMS platform and blast out SMSes informing your clients of new products and offers you have in stock.

The beauty of this all is that you have a ready market for all the new products you have or any offer you are thinking of giving away.

You do not have to rely anymore on the occasional foot traffic that walks in.

2. E-commerce stores

Ecommerce stores could leverage the power of SMS marketing to tell customers of products they have on offer while sending out links to the said products.

3. Financial institutions

Banks, insurance companies and saccos have tons of data from their consumers. At times, you will want to roll out messages informing clients of new financial products and services.

You might also want to inform them of fee changes, offers and new loan products you are offering.

Saccos might want to text their consumers on the next AGM meeting, remind them to make their monthly savings, etc.

In all these cases, the message needs to sound personal while it is not a tall order for the sender since they can mail-merge making it sound personal.

4. Institutions

Schools, churches and mosques could capture details of their contacts and keep on communicating with them through a bulk SMS platform.

The Covid lockdowns of the social gatherings had the clergy at a loss over how to communicate with their flock anytime they had a physical meeting.

But churches that had databases of their congregants would just blast out a personalized SMS telling their members to avail themselves on such and such a date.

For schools, parents need to be kept in the know about when their children are closing school, ask them for trip money or remind them about payment of school fees.

With a good bulk SMS platform, this can be done in just a few minutes.

5. Hospitals

If you are running a medical facility, you will find yourself reminding patients of their appointments as well as informing them of a free medical camp event, days when the facility is closed and so on.

What better way to do this than with bulk SMS marketing?

6. Tours and travel companies

Tours and travel companies collect personal data from their clients once they have traveled with them.

They could use this to inform their past clients of future vacations as well as keep them abreast of any tour offers they have.

Someone who has traveled with a tour company for the Christmas holiday is also likely to travel with them during Easter, right?

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