WhatsApp for Business API

Customers expect to connect with businesses as easily and seamlessly as they do with their friends and family. Automate notifications, payments, provide support, and delight customers using the world’s most popular messaging app on Axis.


SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a tried and tested channel, and has consistently proven to drive customer acquisition, retention, and even revenue. Axis provides an online dashboard to seamlessly and reliably send out personalized and/or bulk texts to your database of customers.


Facebook Messenger API

Businesses need to step up their online and AI-driven communication channels to match the preferences of the mobile generations to remain relevant. And that’s why Facebook Messenger is crucial for engaging with your audience.


Email Marketing

We’ve simplified email marketing to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to set up, create and dispatch a campaign. Axis delivers your email to the primary inbox, unlike other providers that get spammed or end up in the promotion


Voice API

Tap into a custom Voice application (Interactive Voice Response - IVR) that automatically calls users to remind, notify and even automate transactions. Scale your customer service / support and online payments with Axis’ automated voice product.


Reliability and data security

Axis’ highly available and secure cloud infrastructure is designed from the ground up to ensure every message and transaction gets delivered and secures customer data through modern encryption. Our platform is also completely GDPR compliant.

Conversation commerce

Axis allows lets you quickly and easily communicate with users on all the major communication channels – from WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Voice to Payments. This allows businesses to deliver a truly omnichannel experience

Affordable way to market

Channels such as SMS, Email, Messenger and WhatsApp can be managed with minimal costs. These channels also deliver better ROI in comparison to paid media since you’re engaging with customers who’ve already interacted with your business.

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