Amazing Ideas on Bulk SMS and Email Marketing During the Holiday Period

We are entering quarter 4 of the year. 

Have you come up with a Christmas SMS strategy for your customers? What emails are you going to be putting across in Quarter 4?

As a business owner, this is the time to spend telling people about the fancy things you have for them during the festive season.

SMS  and email marketing are great ways to do so. You can use the two to tell your customers about the offers you have got as well as promo codes and coupons that are up for grabs.

Let’s explore sample SMS/emails that different industries could send out to their customers during this Quarter 4.

Quarter 4 Messages based on Industries

We feel that every industry needs to have a Christmas email and SMS campaign all set out and ready to blast. Because, well, every industry has a need to captivate its audience during the festivities. Let’s explore how each industry could make good use of the Quarter 4 festivities.


You could send out prices of different foodstuffs, especially those that have a lowered price.

At the same time, you could tell your customers of new branches that you have opened in new areas so that they do not have to struggle moving so much looking for your brand.

Electronic stores

If you are running an electronic store, this is the best time to tell your customers about the new 4K ultra HD tv, home theater system, or that flashy fridge.

You could also leverage the black Friday and crazy Monday shopping craze to tell your customers about the products on sale.

Beverage companies

I do not know who coined the term Drinksember in Kenya but yes, December is a time that people congregate to have fun, drink, and party.

Tell your customers about the enjoyment they are going to have downing their favorite booze. This is also the time to talk about home deliveries if that is possible with your company.

Tours and travels

People love traveling during the holiday season. 

Blast out a bulk SMS campaign telling them of exciting places they could go to while also mentioning the prices for the different places. Sell to them in catchy words how they are going to enjoy a vacation when they choose your travel agency.

Financial institutions

While telling people about the use of visa cards, they could also warn people to spend wisely remembering that Njaanuary is just around the corner. Yes, let’s face it. Financial institutions need to act as the party poopers during the holiday season telling their clients of the need to have financial probity.

Different occasions in Quarter 4 call for different messages

Customer service week

With a history dating back to 1992, Customer service week which is celebrated internationally in the first week of October is a great time to celebrate your customers as well as the employees serving your customers.

Here is the time to tell your customers how valuable they are to your business. Tell them that were it not for them, you would have closed shop.

While celebrating your customers, you should not forget to celebrate your employees too. Send them a nice SMS or email that acknowledges them as the drivers of your business.

Mashujaa day

Your customers are your real shujaas, right? Tell them that you recognize them as so and that you would not be where you are if it were not for them.

Black Friday offers 

Christmas is a time when people expect to spend lots of money on fun, gifts, and travel. It all starts on Black Friday.

Black Friday started in Philadelphia in the 1950s when hordes of people would flood the city in anticipation of the Army-Navy football game held the next Saturday. Police would have a tough time controlling the big masses of people and so they coined the term Black Friday because indeed it was a dark day for them.

Today Black Friday is a great day for shoppers when they anticipate buying products at half the normal prices or even less.

Crazy Monday

This is another great time to send out promo codes and product offers for people who might have missed your Black Friday deals.

The 12 days of Christmas

You know that popular song about the 12 days of Christmas, right? What about promoting 12 different products during this period by pushing an SMS or email about the products during the 12 days?

Happy New Year

After the Christmas period is done and dusted, you still have one more chance to take up your product offers on Happy New Year.

Wrap up on Bulk SMS and Email Marketing during the holiday period

As a business owner, you really need to leverage the high spending that is undoubtedly going to happen in the next 3 months. SMS and email marketing will help your brand be on top of mind for all your past and future customers as they think of going on shopping sprees.

A great partner to execute your messaging is our platform, AXIS. Try it today to come up with unique, bespoke messages that will have your customers think of you during quarter 4.

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